Visilla is a leading Finnish houses construction company


Visilla company began its work as risky, ambitious project, and today it has achieved recognition and offers the best Finnish houses to meet the demands of its customers. During the houses construction our  specialists use both modern technology and knowledge transmitted through many generations about the details of the construction of the timber. Visilla actively uses vast construction experience and offers the Finnish houses, in the manufacture of which only modern equipment for wood processing is applied.

Despite the fact that Visilla brand is young enough and has officially been working only since 2008, today we can say for sure that it offers high-quality,  cozy and very beautiful Finnish houses. The company does not stop its development and is constantly expanding its partner network, offering key-ready Finnish houses to the dozens of real estate companies.

Finnish house: why should you choose Visilla company for its construction?

Selling houses in Finland is a favorite hobby and lifelong occupation for the owners of the company, that is why the company cares about its impeccable reputation. If you decide to buy a Finnish house in our company, you will definitely get the highest class service and realistic three-dimensional visualization of the finished project. You can create an overall impression of how your Finnish house will look like in a natural environment and you will learn all the details and nuances of its construction.

The company takes care of all the difficulties of project development and construction of Finnish type houses in Finland. In their work, our employees use only environmentally friendly, high-tech materials and modern standards.

An integrated approach to building and selling houses in Finland

Visilla Company  provides the most complete package of services which ensures a comfortable, functional and practical dwelling. If you decided to buy a Finnish house, it should be the house designed by Visilla company. All installation works are carried out exclusively by Finnish professionals who have received special qualifications and training. Our speciality is the sale of Finnish houses and buildings of any type, such as sauna, country house, bathhouse, commercial structure, frame construction. The key specialization of our company is the construction of the houses in Finland from laminated, solid timber, which have been recognized as the pride of the whole country for a long time. At the same time, we develop unique, exclusive projects of the houses from environmentally friendly material. Here you can buy a house in Finland that you have always dreamed of.

Tender houses construction hiring work 

Visilla branded Finnish type houses are built strictly on the terms of the subcontracting tender organized by our company. The company works only with highly qualified specialists such as high class electricians, carpenters, designers, engineers and tilers.

Cooperation with customers

Before buying a house in Finland, our customers can personally monitor our work, find out more about our previous projects and learn all about the materials and technologies we use. In addition, our customers receive a weekly photo report about the process of construction of their houses in Finland.

Finnish house: construction price

We set the prices on the Finnish houses which fully correspond to the quality we are responsible of. Visilla guarantees the quality of each phase of construction, reliable material suppliers and full compliance of the work deadline.

Our company confirms that the price for a high-quality Finnish house can not be very cheap.

The possibility of payments by instalments

Not every customer has a possibility to pay the price of the house at once, that is why we offer  houses in Finland, the sale of which allows paying in instalments.

Conditions and payment schedule is fixed in the contract that allows our clients to efficiently plan their own expenses.

Construction site insurance

Visilla initiates the drafting of construction site insurance contract, so if you decide to buy a house in Finland, you will not have to make monthly trips to construction place to monitor the process. In addition, Visilla warrants its work during two years.