Finnish log houses

Finnish log houses

Construction of log houses has acquired stunning popularity in Finland. The construction technology itself in many ways gives a head start to brick and block buildings.

A Finnish log house is the most successful combination of price and quality in modern construction. First of all, the construction of such house offers a unique opportunity to save your money and time resources, to reduce the energy costs. In addition, the Finnish log houses are always aesthetically eyesome and comfortable.

Finnish log house: frame construction

The key of the Finnish log houses construction technology lies in the usage of sound, reliable and durable frame made of log. The log that we use is a completely unique and amazingly reliable material. As it has special heat insulating properties, the Finnish log houses perfectly preserve the comfort and warmth during icy winter and give the invigorating coolness when it is hot.

Advantages of having a Finnish log house

Construction of a Finnish log house features several advantages such as:

  • style, comfort, elegance, a huge number of design variations;
  • high speed of construction;
  • environmental safety of  both construction and the majority of the materials used;
  • ow energy costs.

In addition, the price of the Finnish log houses is fixed within reasonable limits, through the minimization of labour costs as well as through the practical absence of the purchase of the finish materials.

Why should you entrust the construction of a Finnish log house to Visilla company?

Today, Finnish log houses are offered almost everywhere, many companies adopt the popular technology introducing their own innovations and trying to impress a client. However, when you buy a land and build your own house, you should give preference only to the best companies.

No doubt that one of the most competent and qualified specialists in the sphere of the Finnish log house construction is Visilla company, which monitors every phase of construction, starting with the selection and purchase of land and ending with the groundcare. Finnish log houses construction is not just a lucrative business for the owners of the company, but also a vital and inspiring hobby.

Our company builds Finnish log houses using the traditions of our native country and adapting them to modern times. Finnish experts from Visilla company very appropriately use in their projects traditional features of local house construction in Finland. For example, one of the typical features of the Finnish construction is building a 1- or 1,5-story house in laconic manner. In addition, a lot of Finnish log houses made of timber are equipped with a high-quality gable roof, which perfectly fits the building into the landscape around.

With a relatively low height of ceilings - not more than 2.5 meters, the Finnish log houses always remain bright and warm.

Visilla company believes that the price for the construction of the Finnish house offered by our specialists should be acceptable, that is why our company representatives are proud of the balance between the price and quality of their work, ensuring you beneficial investment of every single penny.