Finnish frame houses

Timber frame houses under the Finnish technology in Finland

The Finnish frame houses are considered to be practical, high quality and cozy buildings for a comfortable life. Finland is well known for its skillful, detailed approach to the organization of convenience and aesthetics of life that is why the Finnish houses of this type have quickly become popular.

What are the Finnish frame houses?

Modern examples of frame houses built by verified Finnish technology are an easy and fast process of assembling the structure from the wall structures and partitions. On the foundation a timber frame is established, and then the wall structures and panels are framed. In case of cooperation with the best construction companies, among which, of course, is Visilla company, the key-ready Finnish frame houses are built within just a few days and then they will serve you for decades.

The Finnish construction technology involves the assembly of frame house foundations of the building from a specially selected and matching timber board in a workshop. The panels obtained this way are mounted with window and door constructions as well as special protective mechanisms; all the necessary service lines are laid. Of course, the key-ready Finnish houses are a little more expensive, but the customer receives exactly what was originally planned. The standard Finnish frame house becomes a real architectural masterpiece within just a few weeks.

Popularity of the Finnish frame houses

Finnish frame houses are in high demand in Finland and North America. This technology is prevalent in the European market, which is the leading one among the main representatives of this industry. The reason is that when there is a task of rapid house construction, the European countries are quite modern and variable, that is why they actively use every innovative technology such as common and inexpensive foamed concrete, stationary form construction etc.
In addition, the Finnish frame houses of the leading manufacturers such as Visilla, are built at the factory. Thus extra equipment is always needed for the delivery of the prefabricated elements. That is why the price for the Finnish frame houses is almost comparable to the cost of laminated timber structures, but their unique characteristics make them as a more interesting alternative for private construction.

Over the past few years, the Finnish technology of frame houses building has been experiencing a real boom. Construction of Finnish frame houses has received an additional incentive, since the Europeans are more interested in the popular energy-efficient systems and in a so called ‘green’ living. That is why the Finnish frame houses by Visilla company are beyond compare.

Visilla’s extended opportunities in the design and construction of the Finnish frame houses

The Finnish brand uses only natural materials, tests all the technologies that are used and trusts only to the proven suppliers. The Finnish frame houses construction in Visilla style is a building of an off-the-grid house, which actually does not need public utility systems and provides all the vital functions of its owners by itself. Visilla has huge opportunities to build an exclusive Finnish frame house for our clients. And all the Finnish frame houses, which are designed and built by Visilla experts, are not only aesthetically cozy, but also successfully fit into the neighboring landscape.

Another advantage of Visilla company is a provision of comprehensive service. In particular, our experts do not only design the Finnish frame house, but also facilitate to a prompt receipt of permits for construction, we also help get the desired piece of land, do finish work and offer the best variant of a landscape design.

The price for the Finnish frame houses by Visilla

The frame type houses, of course, are distinct in a good balance between the quality and the price, this fact can be confirmed by the numerous owners of such houses. In addition, cooperating with Visilla you get a possibility not only to build and repair Finnish frame houses, but also to make a profitable investment, receiving a significant income.

A frame house, the Finnish construction technology of which is used by Visilla, - is the best chance for you to get a dwelling that you have always dreamed of.