Cottages in Finland

Construction of cottages in Finland

A growing number of urbanites begin to understand that the life away from the city hustle and dust is more useful, pleasant and comfortable. Catching the wave of log cottages’ popularity, the Finnish company Visilla has strengthened its position and confirmed its excellent reputation.

The cottages in Finland are fundamentally different from the small brick houses. A Finnish cottage is a large house constructed in accordance with modern requirements of environmental safety and energy efficiency. It is not surprising that in recent years the construction of cottages in Finland has become so popular, because due to energy savings and ubiquitous usage of "green" technologies, the Finnish cottages offered by Visilla are beyond any compare.

The reasons for the Finnish cottages’ popularity

The company's founders insist that the Finnish construction technology is by far the most progressive and advanced unlike using foamed concrete or stationary form construction.

Despite the high prices by the European standards, the construction of Finnish log cottages is developing in full swing because of many reasons such as:

  • Easiness of construction, especially when it is a prefabricated construction. Thus, in most cases, Visilla company mounts the house within 5-7 days right at the construction site. Thus, an easiness of construction ensures the efficiency of work.
  • Possibility to build a cozy and comfortable log houses at any time of the year, even during the cold weather, upon condition of a foundation.
  • Cottage construction in Finland requires minimum labour force, so the customers have a great opportunity to save on labour wages.
  • The maximum duration of the period of use. Most Finnish houses, built with local technology, can stand more than 100 years without losing their functional qualities.
  • Visilla uses the unique technology of the walls construction of several layers of material, ensuring customers with excellent waterproofing and insulation.
  • Environmental friendliness. Most Visilla materials are of natural origin, they do not cause any harm to human life and health as well as to the environment. In addition, the company collaborates with Finnish suppliers of building materials, who confirm the quality of their products by the corresponding certificates.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Every Finnish cottage represents a fantastic beauty, judicious usage of modern technology and reliability in every detail.

Construction of cottages in Finland: why do we recommend choosing the Finnish company Visilla?

If you want to build or buy a fabulously beautiful cottage in Finland, Visilla company will be the magician who will make all wishes come true. The company not only designs the cottages, but also independently performs all phases of construction.

The ability to accumulate heat in log Visilla cottages can only be compared with the possibilities of three-meter bricklaying. The average Finnish cottage made by our company will even come through a massive earthquake up to 8 points.

An additional advantage of Finnish cottages is the absence of shrinkage, allowing workers to perform a complete cycle of works without interruption.

All work from the initial design up to the end of landscape beautification lasts within 4 months.

The brand name ‘Visilla’ is famous for using old traditions and innovations, which once again confirms the concept of the "Finnish quality".