Landscape design in Finland

Finland is a beautiful country, rich in natural recourses, full of fresh forest air and lots of pure lakes. Sooner or later every citizen of a megalopolis dreams about living in such true charm, and he leaves everything and moves to his own traditional Finnish cottage, built from natural logs.

Pieces of land in front of the Finnish cottages are quite large in size, and the Finns who are accustomed to universal contemplation of the beautiful, have respect for landscape design of their own premises. Working in the best Finnish traditions, Visilla company offers a full range of construction and design, including landscaping for our customers.

Why is landscaping fashionable and complicated?

Landscaping in Finland is such an art as in Japan. Besides the local flavor is very noticeable and original. How country premises will look like depends on the taste of the client and on the designer he works with. Our experts work miracles and fulfill any wishes of our clients, developing exclusive landscape projects for them.

In short terms Visilla will provide you with a stylish, well-kept land, with well-spaced small architectural forms, recherché paths, mature planting pattern and original garden lighting that emphasizes the aesthetics of the Finnish house.

Individual style

In many ways, the choice of the land design depends on the tastes and budget of a client, however, a designer can also offer an unusual variant that will suit everyone.

Traditionally, the Finnish landscape designers from Visilla company implement their projects in different styles.

Here we list the main styles in descending order of their popularity:

  • WildForest. If your country house is located in a picturesque forest, then the landscape designers from Visilla company offer you to create a "wild forest" design which will perfectly fit into the overall landscape. In this case, the garden will be similar to the natural landscape of the area, and a blackberry, a plenty of fruit trees, maple and fir will create the right mood. All the plants will not be located symmetrically, but will create a simple beauty. On such a piece of land a charming small pond and a few benches, assembled from the rough unpolished logs, would look great. Our designers will carefully decide where different kinds of plants should be placed.
  • Folklore landscape. This style will look great in a small house in the countryside. A ‘country garden’ will become a perfect choice for those who like gardening and growing vegetables. Nearby, at the request of the owners, Visilla designers will establish a carved bench, a few figures of the garden gnomes, windmills, and even a well. Specially selected rambling vegetation will abundantly cover all the buildings, combining them into a single composition.
  • Japanese garden. Japanese gardens are quite rare in the Finnish log houses, but this trend is gaining momentum. Oriental landscape is distinguished by the presence of randomly scattered stones, lanterns, gravel paths and arbors. In the most sundrenched and brightest place our experts will offer a picturesque pond with some fish.

Visilla company is a recognized leader in the field of construction and design of Finnish log houses, thus every customer will be provided with individual attention and quality service.