Turn-key ready Finnish log houses

 Construction of turn-key ready Finnish houses in Finland - company Visilla

For many years Visilla company has been going by the strict principles of work and our own unique philosophy. Despite the fact that the company mainly specializes in the construction of the turn-key ready Finnish houses, our employees pay careful attention to every detail of a new project: from the creation of design sketches up to the choice of the green plants for landscape beautification.

The main goal of Visilla is a qualitative, well-organized and profitable cooperation for all parties. The company's experts are engaged in the tasks of any complexity in the field of construction and repairs, they create a unique aesthetic beauty of commercial facilities, turn-key ready vacation houses and cottages, and they also furnish entire residential estates, apartments and even hotels.

Highly qualified and experienced architects, engineers as well as designers create unique projects using the Finnish construction technology. The working process under each customer's order is ongoing: as soon as the project is approved, a professional construction team organizes building a turn-key ready Finnish house.

Visilla company constructs turn-key ready Finnish houses throughout Finland

Visilla constructs Finnish houses throughout Finland, ensuring high quality houses in the cities or quiet suburban areas, close to the lakes or forests. In short, our company will create a Finnish turn-key ready house in any corner of the vast country for you.

What services can Visilla company offer to a client?

The list of the company’s services is very diversified and varied, moreover the customers can order individual services as well as the whole complex which includes:

• house designing;
• 3D visualization by an experienced designer;
• painting or plastering;
• clearing the surface from the fungus and mildew;
• waterproofing;
• utility systems’ furnishing;
• conducting electricity;
• installation of windows and doors;
• construction of swimming pools of any size;
• installation or television and watching cameras;
• the selection of furniture, sanitary ware, machinery, etc.;
• landscape design services;
• insulation of floors;
• fitting out of a ceiling, etc.

Visilla builds turn-key ready Finnish log houses using the materials that are selected strictly in accordance with the wishes of a client and considering all the optimal needs. Moreover, the company pays special attention to ensuring a full safety of our clients.

Today the Finnish houses designed by Visilla are recognizable on the market; they are unique in their construction technology and aesthetic characteristics.

What is more, if you decide to buy a turn-key ready Finnish log house designed by Visilla, the price will include a 2-year warranty, which can be applied to any objects of our company.

The price for a turn-key ready Finnish house from Visilla 

Of course, a price for a Finnish house in each case is discussed individually, and it is written in the contract signed with the company. Moreover, Visilla confirms that the price we set fully meets the quality we offer. The price for a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and durable turn-key ready Finnish house can not be low, because you pay for your own comfort and safety.