Engineering and design from Finland

Before any idea will be realized should first think and to develop a scheme of how to do this. And in case, if You have decided to build private house, summer cottage, garage, coastal sauna, garden house, mooring, summer house in the yard for guests or any other building, the first and most important step towards the realization of Your plans will architectural design.

Currently the construction of any object is quite expensive and long process, which requires serious responsibility in choosing a company that will make design works. From someone You trust process of design, depends the destiny of Your construction, i.e. its functionality, durability and, of course, construction design.

Company ”VISILLA Oy” provides a wide range of services for planning and design of constructions of any type and complexity. Our long experience in the construction sphere and the cooperation with highly qualified specialists in architectural design gave us the opportunity to build trust of our Customers.

We treat every order carefully and with responsibility. Our architects and engineers have mastered the most modern technologies of planning and design. For our clients we offer the following services:

  1. Typical projects, developed by our specialists.
  2. Design under individual orders of our Clients.
  3. Design of foundation.
  4. Engineering systems planning (ventilation, conditioning, heating, water supply, sanitation and system, called ”smart home”).
  5. Planning of electrical works.
  6. Interior design of houses.
  7. Supplement to the factory drawings site plan.
  8. Help in choosing following construction materials for finishing works, such as kitchen, kitchen equipment, fireplace, floor materials, roofing materials, tiles and Wallpapers.

The cost of materials will be included in the final calculation of the construction works.

So, during making design You can choose the model of buildings from our catalogue or we can develop together an individual project that meets Your tastes and needs. In both versions, before starting project, should be made work on collecting the following information:

  • The type of construction according to Customer. During the execution of individual project experts will consider all wishes of the Customer starting from the type and functionality of buildings, family membership and the estimated budget for construction.
  • Information about the building plot, with the obligatory visiting building plot for future construction.  Taking into consideration all the circumstances of site, topography, the presence of access roads, existing landscape around building plot,lighting conditions of the site for the purpose for example to know, what will be view from bedroom or kids room windows or what plants and where could be planted during realization landscape works.
  • Clarification of the requirements of the municipality, in which building is planned (if there is a need to get permission documentation)

Based on this information Commercial offer is made for the Customer for execution of design works.

Design works are performed on the basis of the contract for design works.

By contacting us You will receive comprehensive, high-quality service for design works and get a unique project created just for You that will please You and Your family.