Repair works from Finland


Company "VISILLA Oy" is working not only in field of construction of new wooden houses, but also can offer repair services for all types of premises and buildings, ranging from houses till, for example, the piers on the lake. Our specialists can make repair work of any complexity, from small up to capital repairs.


Before starting repairs, we discuss the amount of the future repair works with the Customer and draw up detailed cost estimation for repair works and work schedule.


The most demanded repairs:


  1. Fundamental work.
  2. Replacement lower crowns buildings.
  3. Roofing works (the ceiling of the roof or roof replacement).
  4. Covering and decoration of the walls.
  5. Replacement of the windows and doors.
  6. Replacement of plumbing.
  7. Interior works.
  8. Dismantling of partitions.
  9. Floor coverings replacement.
  10. Changing of ceiling.
  11. Updating of engineering equipment and communications.
  12. Building reconstruction, including the construction of additional extensions to existing buildings, such as the attic or terrace.
  13. Pools repair and other repair work, according to the customer's order.


Repair works, as well as construction works in Finland, should be done taking into account all requirements of the building regulations. Therefore, when choosing a contractor for repair works is necessary to think carefully and make choice on company, which has sufficient professional experience, the license for performance of construction and repair works and good reputation from customers.


Company "VISILLA Oy" guarantees high quality of works and services. We value the opinion of our Clients; therefore we always try to fulfill all our obligations conscientiously and timely. The main result of our work has always been happy and satisfied with our services Clients. Their positive reviews serve as a good motivation for further creative and constructive activity. Creative approach to everything we are doing is the key to success of our team. Please contact us, we are always happy to provide You with professional assistance. We are open to cooperation!