Kindergartens from glued timber from Finland

Our children are the most precious thing we have in this life. In them we see the continuation of ourselves, and main thing is that the sense of our whole life in them. Children are not only great value and treasure given to us.

The slogan "All best - to children", declared in the beginning of formation of the Soviet state Lenin, is relevant today. Modern children almost one third of their day are spending in kindergartens; therefore, it is very important in what conditions they are there. It is important not only how they are raised and what food they eat, but the material from which constructed the building of kindergarten. We, parents, care a lot about bedrooms, where sleep our kids and about game rooms, where our children play.

Company "Visilla Oy" offers its services in construction of modern comfortable kindergartens from glued beams.

Using of glued timber is a perfect solution for the construction of kindergartens for several reasons. The first and, in our opinion, important reason is high ecological compatibilityof this material. Source material for production of glued timber is Finnish pine, which has amazing healing properties. Phytoncides, contained in the structure of Finnish pine, prevent the appearance of wood fungus and mold and other dangerous for health bacteria and viruses. This is especially very important for children suffering from allergic diseases and chronic diseases of breathing organs. Wooden buildings save natural, necessary for normal functioning, level of humidity in living premises, with positive effect on the whole human body.

Energy saving property buildings made of glued timber, due to special technology of walls; we can name the following important factor in choice of this building material. After all, we want our children be warm and comfortable and that they do not catch cold and are healthy and happy.

What can be more precious than human life, especially if we are talking about the lives of young defenseless children? The answer is obvious. The question of fire safety of childcare facilities is significant. Buildings from glued timber in addition to all advantages have increased fire resistance. You can be surprised, how is this possible, if wood is perfectly and fast burns. The secret lies in structure of building material. The surface of the timber in manufacture becomes as smooth as possible, excluding the presence of cracks and cavities, so the flame deep insight into the structure of wood is reduced considerably. Wood only chars, remaining undamaged inside, and the construction of the structure is saved. In cases of fire in buildings of brick, stone or concrete, chance of collapse of carrying constructions is more compared with the glued timber. That is why at construction objects with high risk of fire are often used wooden glued constructions as supporting pillars and ceiling beams. As a result it allows localizing the source of fire or considerably reducing the area of fire, and in case of need of children and staff evacuation, will be enough time to leave the building safe for life.

No need for interior finishing of walls of glued timber also promotes maximumfire safety of buildings. In fires often people die not because of the fire, but because of carbon dioxide gas emitted when burn, for example, vinyl wallpapers, synthetic carpets, foam ceilings, etc.

About the advantages of glued timber can talk a lot, but in this article we would like to pay attention to the ease and speed of assembly of structures of glued timber. We will try to explain later why this is important during construction of kindergartens.

Usually parents of today's children are young people; not everyone has the opportunity to raise their children themselves until they go to school. They either already are working or are still studding to get professional education. Not everyone has the opportunity when grandparents help to raise children, because they are still working. Best solution in this case is to place the child in a kindergarten. Modern living conditions, state social support of young families contributes to the improvement of the demographic situation. Every year more and more babies are born - which certainly pleases. Problem of shortage of preschoolinstitutions can occur. It is necessary to build more kindergartens fast and with high quality.

This situation especially is true for Russia. The thing is that in the early 90's, part of kindergartens was disbanded and sold to a private business, while these pre-school institutions were used by the new owners on the basis of their needs and demands. Now due to lack of kindergartens, young families have to wait for years for their turn for a place in kindergarten. Many families sign up in waiting list for a place in kindergarten long before the birth of the baby so that their child can go to kindergarten before starting school. The situation is absurd and maybe for someone seems, comic. But it is not funny for families with children.

With quick construction, ecologically clean, comfortable, warm kindergartens from glued timber- best solution of problem of kindergartens shortage. Please contact us in company "Visilla Oy" and we will help You with pleasure. We era also raising children, we know exactly what they need to feel in kindergarten comfortable and as loved ones, as at home!