SPA complex from Finland

Modern people have active and busy way of living. Work, education, raising children, economic difficulties, unstable political situation in the world, the modern rhythm of life, bad environment - all this requires a lot of emotional strength from each of us. All this leads to chronic stress, which is harmful to human health and also lead to emotional and physical exhaustion. The ability to relax and switch to a more positive cases and thoughts are important key in dealing with stress. Since the ancient times, humanity has known about the advantages of healing, the positive effects of the SPA treatments on the human body. And if earlier for this purpose people built low-hut-bath with only a small window, at present time people have learned to build modern complexes with all facilities for a good rest and mental and physical refreshment.

Private SPA-complex on the own plot of land is not such a rarity nowadays. A large number of owners of private houses and country cottages want that their houses to be not only the place of living, but they would be a place of pleasant spending of time and comfortable rest.

Company "Visilla OY" has sufficient experience in the cottage house-building and in construction of different types of buildings on the house territory, such as terraces, garden houses, garages, piers, shore saunas and SPA-complexes.

In our working there is a wide range of different versions of projects for such complexes - sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, Turkish bath, black bath, rooms for the rest and other places, depending on the preferences and wishes of the Customer. Construction can be made as according to our standard projects, and individual orders too.

The project for the construction of SPA-complexes is very demanding task, and solution of it should be trusted only to professionals. Quality of execution of such projects should be at the highest level, because it affects not only the aesthetic look of Your resting place, but safety and the health of Your family and friends.

It is very important to take into account a number of important details during the design and construction. The most important of them is to provide high-quality ventilation of whole complex. Bad providing of ventilation inside damp places can be course of corrosion of metal constructions and the appearance of mold fungi and mold, which can have harmful affect primarily on Your health and Your family.

The second of most important items is the right choice of building and finishing materials during the construction of SPA. Our specialists will help you to choose high-quality moisture-proof materials. And if You are planning to have a swimming pool, we shell develop the system of floor heating and water cleaning, we will also choose the most suitable for Your project special anti-slip floor tiles.

For the construction of the building we recommend to use glued timber. The strongest argument in choosing this material is perhaps the ease and speed of assembly. Ease of installation is ensured by the fact that this building material has special grooves, by which each part gets into its place quickly and exactly. Thus reduced assembly time and, consequently, significantly reduced costs of objects construction of this type. Among other advantages, we would like to emphasize its aesthetics: this material does not demand additional internal and external finishing, practically does not shrink, that allows speeding up its operation. And, certainly, excellent technological specifications: no freeze in winter and perfectly keeps warm. There is no need to say that the glued timber has all the advantages of wood as a construction material, and has a positively effect on the health of people with allergic diseases?! One can only imagine what flavor comes in the sauna from the walls of this material: feeling, as if You were in a fairy magic forest!

If we have correctly described Your dream - please contact us for help: we are ready to discuss all the details. Together with You we shell develop a project of place to relax, where You will want to return again and again. We will try to make it multi-function to every member of Your family, where will be something for everyone, whether swimming pool or sauna, billiard room or gym. We can promise that no one will be bored!

Our SPA complex - is a place where there is complete inner harmony, the soul is filled with purity and delight, and the body with the bliss and lightness.