Construction of apartment houses from Finland

In recent years there has been a trend of eco - clean and less expensive both in finance and in time, the wooden house building. And if for the construction of the summerhouse would be more suitable one or two-floor cottages, but for living in town best choice could be small apartment houses.

Building of apartment houses in Finland becomes one of the most promising trends in the building field. If in 2010 the share of the construction of such homes was only 1%, compared with the construction of other materials, by the year 2015  it is planned to increase this number to 10 times. By example for the construction of wooden houses was served experience of the Swedish construction companies.

Finland is rich in its forests and for centuries wood has been the most used material for house building. Finnish people used to live in wooden houses. Most private houses, summer cottages or houses on small holdings are made of wood. Even in brick houses supporting structure can be made of the solid glued timber, thanks to its strength and high fire resistance. So why not use wood for construction of apartment houses? People, who live in the city, even quite far from the countryside and nature, in  these wooden houses will have the feeling, that they are in the middle of nature, will  breathe fresh forest air and will feel the warm energy of the tree, touching the walls of the house. To achieve harmony between the desire to live with conveniences and breathe fresh air is possible by developing the construction of apartment houses.

Apartment wooden housing has a number of advantages comparing with multistoried buildings of brick or cement: a favorable ecological environment, comfort, cost economy, energy efficiency.

About ecological compatibility of glued timber as a building material we wrote in our other articles and thus we will not stop in this aspect. Speaking about the economy, we would like to emphasize that it is achieved by saving resources already in the construction of foundations, because wooden buildings require more light foundation, compared to brick or stone and it has a significant effect on the price of such flats at the time of purchase.

In addition, to the question of cost- economy should in this case be treated with the far prospect: in the houses of glued timber can be a 50 % cut in utility costs for heating in apartments compared with apartments in brick houses. It happens due to special designs of walls, that do not pass cold and keep warm in Your apartment.

Further, the lack of need for additional interior finishing of walls made of glued timber in the apartment will allow you to save  money on repairing. The solid glued timber is quite independent and aesthetically attractive building material. You do not need to place expensive wallpapers on the walls or to paint them.

In addition, no need for interior finishing of walls, made of the glued timber, is an important side in terms of fire safety. In the case of fire wood char on the outside, while its structure inside remains solid. It prevents destroying of the walls and people have more time and chance to leave the burning building. No synthetic materials on walls also plays an important role in cases of fires, because often at fires people die not because of the fire, but due to toxic gas.

 Finnish pine is the material for the manufacturing of glued timber in our plants. We have also written in other articles about the unique properties of the pine. Here we want to pay attention not just in terms of the useful  effect of Finnish pine wood on the human body, but also look at this factor from the point of view of economy: the phytoncides, contained in pine timber, protect it from exposure to mold, mildew and other harmful to her condition bacteriums and prevent it from rotting. Consequently increases the service life of such material and the length of life of Your houses.

The next argument in favor of buying flats in multi-storey wooden houses from the point of view of their efficiency is the ease and speed of assembly of such houses. Such houses are delivered to the construction site in easy to transport and assemble packages and are assembled  within a few months. This allows you to speed time of construction, thus reduce construction costs and minimize construction waste. All this together will affect positively on the cost of apartments in wooden houses compared to brick or cement houses.

Wooden apartment building is a quit new direction in housing construction. The company "Visilla OY" aims to be among the first to use advanced technologies and materials for wooden house building. In conclusion we would like to add that until 2011 apartment  wooden houses were built with few floors, the maximum houses were four-floor. Now, due to changes in the rules on fire safety, it has become possible to build eight-floor wooden houses. Allowed even the attachment of additional eighth floor from the wood to a seven-floor house, for example from brick, stone or cement.

The company "Visilla OY" will be pleased to provide any information, You may need, about the construction of wooden apartment houses. Highly qualified and experienced professionals, quality control, starting from the stage of production of material for construction of houses and throughout all the construction process until the house delivery in use, with a high level of customer service - all this is a guarantee of Our successful cooperation.

Waiting for Your offers!

Sincerely, the company "Visilla OY"