For sale three identical cabins

For sale, three cottages in design phase, at Juva, in Juvan Jeisari cottage village.


Objects are in peacefully place; at clear water lake Jukajärvi in Juvan Keisari cottage village. At design phase are three identical wooden frame houses size 68,8m².

All details at building log cabins are thought trough. Effectively used square meters give impression of big house. In downstairs are bedroom, sauna, bathroom and big kitchen living room compilation, where can be enjoyed warmth of fireplace and leisured feeling. On loft is space for children to play and space for sleeping, even for bigger company. Houses are sold with plots.

Information about plot:

Plot number 6 area 1694 m², beach area

Plot number 7 area 667 m²

Plot number 48, area 812 m², beach area

Construction method:

Garden area             

Car spots and yard corridors are gravel and there is garbage can on area. Garden area is kept as natural as possible. Separate garden plan is done later.


Roofing material is very quiet black felt. As supporting construction are dowel bars. Isolation material is Ekovilla 350 mm.


Floor is framed with wood. On floor is been installed 100 mm soundproof wool and 22 mm thick chipboard.

The base floor

Wooden framed ventilating base floor. As isolation is being used Finnfoam FI-K600 210 mm wooden joist insulation. On top of isolation is done 60 mm thick reinforced concrete plate.

Outer walls             

Wooden frame of exterior load-bearing walls is 45x145. Exterior is being upholstered with 28x180 log panel. Walls are isolated with 150 mm inflated Ekowool,  and 50 mm Ekowool disc insulator. Dry areas are upholstered with 20x180 log panel.

Inner walls               

Inner walls between rooms are mostly wooden framed log panel walls. On bathrooms are installed EK-Plasterboards as tiling platform. Inside walls is mineral wool as sound isolation.


All ceilings are paneled. On dry spaces is used 14x120 textured pine tree panel. On bathrooms is used 15x95 pine panel.

Wet areas           

Bathrooms are completed with Laattapiste Collection designed production.


Interior stairs are pine stairs. On loft is lacquered pine handrail.


Floors of dry areas are coated with a laminate.

Windows and doors      

Windows are inward-opening 3-fold, wood-aluminum windows; outer side is weather proof material. Some of big windows are fixed. Window U-value is 1.0. Frame depth is 175 mm. Main door is 1-leaf door with thermal insulation and window where is Abloy LC-100 lock body and Sento lock insert. Inner doors are lacquered pine panel doors. Door in sauna is full glass door.

HVAC Systems

Heating system is electrical floor heating. The property has utilities and there will be own wastewater pump. In building is mechanical ventilation system. Taps are from Hans Grohen collection. On bathtubs are one powered mixer taps. On toilets are added bidet showers with thermostatic mixers. In house is reservation for washing machine.


In living room, bedroom and kitchen walls with windows are placed curtain rods. To windows is possibility to add venetian blinds. In living room is fireplace Contura 520T + steel chimney.


Installed furniture is factory made. Doors in kitchen are painted MDF doors, also worktop is MDF framed. Every door and drawer is equipped with quality retarder hinges. Kitchen is as shown in images with A+ energy class white Whirlpool refrigerator. AAA-class dishwasher, ceramic hob and extractor fan. Bathrooms are completed with Laattapiste Collection designed production.

Electric system

The property is connected to the public electricity network with 3x25 A connection. The electricity meter is installed outside in the measurement center. To the property is possible to get a broadband Internet connection with optical fiber.

Company offers properties for sale with plots.


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