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VISILLATALOT has already completed over 30 high-quality log objects in Finland. Additionally we export our log house expertise to Japan, Russia and Europe.



At the beginning there is a dream

VISILLATALOT is there to fulfill your dream house with unbending quality. As our customer you enjoy of service that other providers can’t offer, it’s enough that you have wish about your dream log house. When you don’t want to give your dream to no one but professionals, VISILLATALOT is worth your trust.

Everything at once

VISILLATALOT is special because we can carry every step through construction, from design to ready house by our own, from raw wood to ready accurate logs. You can see this as never seen before flexible service. Sometimes happens so some idea that looked good at design table, or you got new better idea. No worries! Our implementation lives according to your wishes.

The quality guaranteed

VISILLATALOT combine best parts of traditional log building to modern production technology. We control best knowledge from Finland and all over the world to dense network of partnerships. We have designed and delivered hundreds of high quality log cabins in addition to Finland inter alia to Russia, France and Japan.

Different style of approach

VISILLATALOT approaches building differently than other manufacturers. When others only want to deliver their house package on plot with minimum discomfort, we start from customers wishes. We begin to solve the chain backwards to preparing logs thinking how all these standards can be done cost-effectively and sensibly without harming quality. Because of high degree of automation personal changes are easy to complete and feedback during construction can be easily noticed.

Traditionand modernity

Nordic log construction has a thousand years of tradition. Quality log house fits in landscape and will age gracefully. VISILLATALOT combines this tradition to modern production technology. We have two pieces of the best in the field of log building; Hundegger K2i-production lines. With those we produce personal standards fulfilling dimensionally accurate construction timber.

Careless option

Only few have time, possibility or knowledge to follow every detail when building own cabin. Because we take care of every detail from processing timber to planning plot, you don’t have to worry about quality of work, schedule or anything related to construction that are monitored. Turnkey option that we offer really is careless option.

Do you want to hear more?

VISILLATALOT exports its log house expertise to several countries. Our products include high-quality, Northern Softwood individual laminated log houses and wooden frames for residential and recreational houses. Our two factories, in Parikkala and Rantasalmi, has automated production units and those have production capacity up to 300 houses per year. Our permanent staff is over 50 persons. VISILLATALOT has already completed over 30 high-quality log objects in Finland. Additionally we export our log house expertise to Japan, Russia and Europe. Do you want to make your log house dream into reality? Please send us your contact information and we will contact you.