• Caviarshop in Rio Frio
Caviarshop in Rio Frio
300 m2

Caviarshop in Rio Frio

Floor area - 300 sq.m. Finishing work in the office on caviar factory in Spain, Riofrio.


Construction company Visilla designed and decorated fully caviar shop and production capacity in the city Rio Frio, Spain.


In projecting was noticed everything, including every little detail. Every window was changed to energy saving windows from company profin. Walls were isolated with Eco wool and lined with wooden paneling. There was built new air ventilation system and set up Air source heat pump to heat up and cool down the building.


As a result the decorated office looks like fully equipped log house. Work was finished in the spring 2013 and lasted for about three months.


Visilla designed all work at the plant in Finland, then forthcoming work on the preparation, packing and shipping of all building materials. Tools were also sent to the builders.


Lower ground floor previously was used as the warehouse. After some thought, we decided to convert it into a caviar shop.

As for the Spanish people tree is bit odd construction material but everyone was just in awe of the new office.


Photos "before" and "after" say it all for us.