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Nowadays the construction of Finnish reliable, comfortable and beautiful houses turns into a trend that gradually moves away from the construction of concrete blocks and bricks. One of the leaders in this area in the market is Visilla company, which offers Finnish log houses, the construction technology of which passes from generation to generation. The company carries out a wide range of repair, construction and landscaping in Finland. Thus, the Finnish construction involves a full range of services, starting with the selection of a suitable land in accordance with the wishes of the client up to the carrying out of internal finishing works and landscaping.

Today the Finnish houses can be seen at every turn, but still not every building can bear the proud name of a "Finnish house". What does a Finnish construction technology suggest and which company has the best quality services in the market?

Peculiarities of local legislation

It should be mentioned that today there are the same rules for both the Finns and the foreigners as for buying real estate properties or a land for a Finnish house construction.
A purchase of a land in Finland usually runs without any problems. Local authorities willingly allow the sale of land to foreigners, and only in rare cases there may be some difficulties connected with the paperwork. A qualified partner company will take into account all specific details of obtaining permits for building a Finnish house for its clients.

However, all the objectives, pursued by the current Finnish legislation in the field of construction, are aimed at ensuring the most comfortable and healthy living conditions that do not harm the ecology and environment. Be sure that the house construction in Finland is always safe and reliable!

Finnish houses: peculiarities and prices

To build a house in Finland is much easier than it sounds, but only the most desperate dreamers dare to take this step. In fact, everyone can have a Finnish house, it is only important to know some of the construction peculiarities, and to find a suitable construction company.

You can safely entrust the construction of a house or villa in Finland  to Visilla company. Our experts will quickly, efficiently and competently organize the construction of the Finnish house in accordance with all regulations. Of course, as the Finnish house construction technology includes certain stages, such house will not be cheap. It should be mentioned that the price for the Finnish house construction is higher than for the brick house construction, but the result exceeds all the expectations.

It is impossible to name the exact price for a Finnish house. However, no self-respecting company will fix price that is lower than the quality of a Finnish house.

Why do we recommend to entrust the construction of a house in Finland to Visilla company?

Visilla company is unique in its kind, because it can offer the most favorable, exclusive Finnish houses’ construction to every taste.

Visilla specializes in the construction and equipment of high-quality frame buildings. And every Finnish house, which is designed by Visilla, is constructed by our team of professionals who possess the principles of Finnish construction. It is noteworthy that the company's experts know the current legislation rather well, so before building a Finnish house, our experienced professionals facilitate the expeditious obtaining of all the permissions needed.

An additional advantage to build a Finnish house, bathhouse or sauna in Finland is the ability to communicate with our client in his native language.

The Finnish construction technology is used for a building of a variety of objects

Our Finnish construction technology is suitable for designing and building of almost any object: a country house or a villa, entire villages and even commercial properties.

Visilla team is ready to assume full responsibility for the organization of design and construction. Visilla company constructs Finnish houses which meet all customer's wishes and modern safety requirements. Highly qualified experts of the company perform the entire scope of work at the proper level and always meet deadline.

Visilla Finnish houses: different design, the same high quality

Our company organizes the construction of the houses in Finland with all the elements of house design and planning carefully considered and calculated. All the turn-key ready Finnish houses from Visilla’s experts have original design and excellent performance through the use of quality materials. Visilla gives everyone the opportunity to build a Finnish house with an appropriate design.

Future belongs to the Finnish houses

In the near future, the construction of Finnish houses will completely replace less environmentally sound house construction technologies and will take a leading position in Europe and America. It will happen for sure, as the Finnish timber or frame construction technology already demonstrates a striking breakthrough.

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