Questions about the construction in Finland

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. Are there any tenure limitations for the Russian Federation passport holders in Finland?

There are no tenure limitations for the Russians as for the other countries citizens in Finland. As the Finnish citizens the Russians can buy freely the chattels and the real estate, also business and share of companies. The uniform rules of the construction and tenure apply to the Finns and to nonresident.

2. Is it possible to get the mortgage loans from the Finnish bank for the purpose of the construction?

Yes, it is. The Finnish banks give a credit to nonresidents on the security of the existence real estate or property in an amount not to exceed 40 % from the estimated cost of object. A bank regularly gets the information about the construction progress and level of readiness of the object. This information is given by the companies that provide the technical inspection of the construction. Taking into account this information the bank makes a decision about creation of credit and about its amount.

3. What does the business offer of design work include?

  • preparation of the construction documents;
  • approval and adjustment of the technical drawing and house design in plan of plot;
  • specialists’ recommendations and assistance in the selection of the ready-made project;
  • projects that are made before the building: the sanitary-engineering including the drainage system; electro technical work; foundation;
  • finishing recommendations: roofing, ceramic tile, wallpaper;
  • interior design: mounting of the in-built furniture, household appliances, fireplace etc.

4.     Does the price of the design plans and specifications include the building permission?

No, it does not. The design plans and specifications can be developed and paid before the site selection. The building permission is got later and it depends on the area and the location of a plot.

5.     Why do I choose the house package and pay an advance already on the design work stage?

For the finishing of the design work we need to get the technical drawings from a factory. For that we should pay the factory an advance. Work can be finished only after the prepayment.
All the design documents are made in accordance with requirements of engineering services. The consent documents are given out by the engineering services of territorial entity (city, province) where the construction will be implemented.

6. How does a customer pay ready done work and control the process of the building?

As usual we use a stage-by-stage payment. It is a simple and suitable form. We confirm the readiness of object by photos that we sent to the customer. A photo report is sent weekly that gives the customer an opportunity to control the progress of work. If the customer gets a bill with the report, it means that the stage of work has been finished. So the customer pays the building by instalments of 20-30 % by back pay.

7. How much does the construction of the key ready house cost in Finland without the cost of site?

The price of house depends on its specifications, on the plot complexity and it can amount 2200-2700 euro per m2. This price is implied a house with the external and interior finish, that is read for the occupancy. Price doesn’t include the landscape work.

8. How much does the building permission cost and for what kind of work does the customer need to get it?

You must get the building permission if:

  • you build the own building;
  • you repair or reconstruct the building and it can be equated to the building construction;
  • you extend the floor area;
  • the building can be dangerous to health or environmentally hostile;
  • you want to change the function or the operating ability of the building.

Usually receiving the documents lasts 1-2 months. Request is given in writing. With the request the customer must grant the information about an applicant, about a plot and an explanation of a project, also the notification about a general contractor, probable pawning of property, about the bank account details and the way of getting the resolution and other necessary enclosures. You also need to pay the obtaining a permit. Price of obtaining a permit for the construction in Finland costs around 600 euro.

9. How long does the building usually last?

An average time of building is 8-12 months. But it is possible to build a house during 3 months. Time of the construction depends on many factors. First of all it is the complexity of project and the quantities of building work and laying of the utility lines. The weather and untimely customer’s financing can also slow down the construction.

10. If I will buy a plot, can I build the house by myself?

What kind of problems I can face during the construction?

Do I need to confirm a project of house to some instances?

During the construction you can face many difficulties that are determined first of all by the absence of common language between you and the builders. It happens because of absence of the person who understand all the refinements of the construction, interrelation on the worksite and out of it, who is able to come to an agreement with all participants of building (even with the neighbors) and above all who can make everybody keep the treaty engagements.

Only the specialist’ assistance can guarantee the best result!

11. Are the finished wood houses only available on your site?

Is it possible to order a stone house?

Can your build house by our own project or do we need to choose from projects that are offered on your site?

The priority of our company work is the production and the construction of framed timber houses and also the stone houses that are made under our own brand VisillaTalot. As long as the cooperation with a customer is the most important for our company, we can build house upon you own project. Our architects will assist with the design develop and the builders will make your house the perfect within the shortest time.