The Finnish log and timber houses

Because of the good structural properties wood has been used extensively in construction for a long time.

Long time the wood is used in construction because of its good building properties.

In contrast to other materials a wood “breathes”. Air in the room changes constantly and imperceptibly, keeping up the humidity and carbon dioxide content to be normal.

An exceptional texture of a wood where air exchange takes place solves a main problem of ventilation.

A wood keeps the heat better than the other building materials with the same thickness of wall. Log wall especially glued timber guarantees enough insulation even at intensely cold weather. A log keeps warmth and gives it off when it is necessary maintaining temperature in rooms.

The durability of the Finnish wooden house lasts hundred years.

By the point of few of the architecturalists logged houses is one of the most beautiful constructions in a world. Demand for logged houses among the well-off people raises year by year.

The researchers approve that living in a wooden house improves sleep, pressure and lung function, distresses, boosts working capacity and even improve memory. Sun color of a wood improves the mood and health.

A wood is the only one building material that doesn’t pollute environment and doesn’t prevent the nature get renewed.

Care about the own health and about family’s health is an important reason to choose a wooden house.

The summer cottages are made from graded timber, rounded log or glued timber.

Before selection the type of logs you need to determine a purpose of a construction. If you plan to use a house at winter we would advise you to choose the heavy logs or walls with the advanced heat insulation.

Graded timber

The wooden houses made from graded timber are installed quickly and easily because the details are produced on the machines of high precision.

As usual after the shrinkage a graded timber house doesn’t need caulking iron with heat insulation and the rate of insulation is minimal. Also the rain water and snow don’t get between timbers that protect the construction from decay.

Rounded log

Profile of rounded log differs from the traditional round section: it has wedge-shaped joints. With the heat insulation it protects a house from wind and moisture. A rounded log diameter is 170-230mm. The smaller rounded logs is used in the construction of saunas and arbors.

Modern manufacture and strict maintenance of technology guarantee the highest quality of a house.

A rounded log house is installed quickly, has a good exterior and doesn’t need extra surface finishing.

Glued timber

A wood is sawed up to a few (from 2 to 8) details – “lamella”. Then details are patched to a log. Patching is made on special hydraulic press with the use of a strong ecologically clean glue that allows a wood to “breathe”. Manufacture of a glued timber is one of the most technological.

Dimensions of a glued timber depend on climate of place where a house will be built and on the purpose of a house.

A glued timber house excel in durability and strength a house made from traditional building materials. A glued log can be any possible length (it depends only on the transport conditions) and allows to make long spans and plan the room easily.

A glued timber house is installed quickly, has a good exterior and doesn’t need extra surface finishing. Also it has predictable shrinkage.

A glued timber house is the most modern wooden house. It hasn’t an equal in heat insulation and density of tier of logs. The high quality of face area treatment allows to use this building material without extra surface finishing.

Solid timber

A solid timber doesn’t need extra heat insulation even if it is used for the construction a house in inclement arctic climate.