The home remote control device Ensto ECO600

The home remote control device Ensto ECO600 allows a house owner to control all house systems distantly.

Ensto ECO600 - прибор дистанционного управления домом

Nowadays all the home area systems as heating, water supply, alarm system and other work with electricity. So it is possible to control distantly all those systems and a house with the special devices.

By the using of Ensto ECO600 and embedded GSM-module it is possible to control distantly all the house electric equipment and to get information about its functioning: the voltage loss, water flowing, alarm actuation or air temperature variation indoors or outdoors.

Advantage and difference from analogue

Unlike any of the other remote control devices ECO600 is programmed, ready for use and can be connected up to network. All systems are controlled by the same module. System is easily changed over depending on owner’s wishes and requirements.

Feedback is produced by SMS-messages that a house owner gets on his phone. Module includes the information about five subscribers who has access and who can control the device.

The peculiarity of the device administration

The quantity of services depends on amount and function of the sensors. It can be sensors of the air temperature, fire signaling, mains failure, etc. The device instantly informs the owner about the sensor operation in SMS-message. Also after getting a message from owner the device starts for example to raise the inside temperature.

The operating stage of device

The device has three stages. Each stage allows the device work with strongly defined rules: ON, STATUS, OFF.

Stage “OFF” means the switching off all networks and switching on the sensors of intruder and fire signaling alarm and sensors of systems maintenance for example the air temperature.

Special command “STATUS” allows you to control the house condition when you are not at home. You can get information about any home system and change its work.

On the stage ”ON” all programmed will start work and the security systems will be switched off.

So the 14 stages of the device will help you to control a house easily. Device has enough stages to control all main systems of a house.

With the device ECO600 you home always be under control!

Set  of the device:

  • Remote control module ECO600
  • Adapter, 12V, includes reserve 200mA for sensors etc.
  • GSM-antenna
  • Inside air temperature sensor with cable 1 m
  • Outside air temperature
  • User manual
  • Device ECO600 can also include uninterruptible power supply unit.

Download the application and installation guide