The glued timber hotels construction

The glued timber hotels construction

The glued timber is the best building material. It is advantageous and good not only for cottage construction but also for the construction of a big hotel and even of a hotel resort.

The wooden construction always has the original design and fit in all kind of landscapes. A tree is a warm and an attractive building material so interior design doesn’t need a lot of some special work.

The popularity of the wooden architecture

But the exterior design of wooden hotels has a big importance. It can be the main factor when a customer chooses the place for rest or measures. Because the building exterior, it harmony with landscape causes the emotions. That’s why the wooden glued timber is used for the construction of hotels.

Made with the glued timber constructions are remarkable for the next features:


Economy is provided by

  • the easiness of the construction and as a consequence the absence of the serious foundation causes the economy;
  • easy assemble and silhouette of a building doesn’t need the special exterior and interior design works.

Those properties allow to mount the construction quickly cutting down expenses.


The glued timber keeps all the good properties of tree and it has extra merits. First of all it is the durability of the building materials and deformation resistance. The deformation is very small even in the case of high humidity.

The shrinkage doesn’t exceed 1 %, so it is not necessary to wait the shrinkage before putting the building into operation. It reduces the time from beginning of the construction to reception the first guests.

The antiseptic properties

For the manufacture of glued timber the high quality Finnish pine is used. The natural properties of this tree and of the impregnation make a timber unreceptive to the insects and funguses that demolish the wood and affect adversely on the health of the inhabitants. The antiseptic properties of timber raise the durability of a house and make the air pure and fresh.

The inflaming resistance

The fire resistance is very important because there are always a lot of people staying in a hotel. In that case the glued timber is one of the best building materials. It has the high inflaming resistance, the air inside is always fresh and the humidity is permanent.

Living in that kind of the construction feel like immunity and comfort, so no need to worry about the filling of a hotel. The visitors recommend a hotel to each other and with pleasure come to a hotel again.

Why a wooden glued timber

A house or a hotel made from the wooden glued timber combines the best properties of the building material. It is a splendid exterior design, the properties of the high-tech building material, the quickness of the construction and a price. All those make a timber more popular building material.

The company Visilla is an expert in the construction of the glued timber hotels

When you build a hotel or a hotel resort you need to remember that the higher level of a hotel the more services should be offered the visitors and the better quality of the services should be. Those services are a swimming pool, the restaurants, the conference halls, a fitness center, the bars, the saunas and different utility services rooms. That infrastructure should be designed and located competently.

The experts of company Visilla will offer you the full range of services from the design work to the ready key hotel construction. They will take into account all your wishes and realize your dream in wood!